What Applications Are You Recording?

We have long wondered the extent of business applications you all use uPerform to support. Recently it dawned on us; why not ask? So we’ve made a few simple enhancements to our smart ticket form.

First off, if you have a question or run into an issue while working on a recording, there is now a new ticket form that better matches your case. When prompted with, How can we help you today? go ahead and select: I am having problems recording an application. 

Second, you will notice that a new field is displayed: What application are you recording? 

Your input will help us in two important ways. First, providing the specific recording application data on the ticket form will allow us to get the recording details at the onset of the ticket, which in turn will give us a better troubleshooting head start. Second, we will be providing the recording application data to our engineering team on a monthly basis, so the team can work even more effectively to tune our recorder to better capture the various business applications you are using uPerform to support.

Finally, you don’t have to wait until you run into a recorder problem to share your recording application information. We’d love for you to leave a comment below, sharing your apps with us!