Best Practice Screen and Monitor Settings for Recording

We always recommend a standard desktop resolution setting for all uPerform authors to maintain consistency for screen captures. A setting of 1024 by 768 pixels is recommended. In our experience this size is the best to reduce scrolling when viewed on a variety of monitors and devices including iPad and Android Tablets.

We also recommend that the screen size settings in the template match the native PC’s screen resolution for the recording session.

Not adhering to these recommendations can potentially lead to problems such as:

  • screenshots captured during recording are either blurry, too big or too small
  • a simulation’s action rubber bands or callouts are pointing to incorrect positions

To avoid such problems and ensure consistent recording results among your authoring team we recommend following these steps to set ANCILE’s recommended screen resolution, screen DPI and template setting.

1) Please set your screen resolution of primary monitor to 1024×768 as shown below. This is commonly accessed via the Control Panel>Display Settings options for your PC.

After making the change, your monitor may look a bit odd at first, especially if you are using a large monitor larger than 1024×768 pixels as is popular with many documentation authors today, but it will look fine in the actual uPerform source and published document.

Please also ensure your primary monitor DPI is set to 100% (default) as shown below. This is also accessed via your PC’s Control Panel>Display Settings

2) If you are using uPerform 5.2 or later and the template’s simulation maximum screen height and width do not match the screen height and width of your primary screen, you will receive a warning message. To capture the best image quality, your primary screen’s settings should match those used in the template. If you ignore the warning and continue recording without changing the screen settings, image quality will be impacted.

In the uPerform template, the Simulation’s default publication settings for the screen are accessed via the Simulation User Interface Settings available from the Publications> Default Publication settings> Simulation location.

For more information on how to capture the best recording results please refer to the following references:

Note that you must be logged onto the ANCILE Intelligence Hub to access the links above.  You can also find the above documents for other versions of uPerform in the Manuals, Technical Specifications, and Release Notes area.

The tips above should help you obtain the best results for your simulations and documents, but if you encounter any issues after that then please log a support ticket and we will help you further.