Server Maintenance: Disk Space Clean Up

Maintaining disk space on your servers is vital. Without ample space you can encounter a number of issues such as an inability to create new projects and folders, and interference with proper functioning of concurrent server and uPerform processes to name a few.

ANCILE uPerform 5.2 Technical Specifications (log in required) suggest a minimum of 5 GB of available disk space for the search server.  Data storage is approximately 700 MB per 100,000 objects (documents, users, messages, etc.) although it will vary greatly depending on the characteristics of your data.

For your database server, we suggest 30 GB of available disk space; 100 GB of available HD space recommended for large projects.

The uPerform Application server initially requires 100MB of disk space. Log files may occupy additional space.

Now what can you do to help maintain a healthy server with ample disk space?  Periodically review your server directories. We’ve provided a listing of directories where files tend to accumulate. We suggest keeping a minimum of one month to a maximum of two month’s worth of log files. Keeping this amount of files will ensure we have enough information for troubleshooting purposes.

uPerform Application Server

  • VignetteCollaborationlog
  • VignetteCollaborationuPerformlogs

The below directory can be completely cleared out, but after doing that, the ANCILE Monitoring Service needs to be restated.

  • VignetteCollaborationuPerformmsPublishingDataBase AppDatadocuments

Solr Search Application Server:

  • OpenTextsolrrtsvcsinstancessolrlogs

Jakarta – Isapi – Tomcat

  • VignetteCollaborationJKConnectlogsisapi.log

IIS Folders

The location of IIS logs are not always the same, but can be found by reviewing the Directory path in the Logging feature in IIS.

Some common locations are:

  • C:inetpublogsLogFiles
  • C:Windowssystem32LogFilesW3SVC2

Old upgrade folders

Additional files you may want to remove are Collaboration_PRE folders in the Vignette directory, which are backup folders created during an upgrade. Thorough post upgrade testing is suggested before deleting these files.

Maintaining ample free disk space is just one things you can do to maintain a healthy server and keep your uPerform projects running smoothly.