Thanks for Making the North American APUG Event a Great Success!

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The 2014 North American APUG event in Austin, Texas has come to a close.  Our user group events are always a fun time, and a great opportunity for learning, networking, and connecting with all of you.  We can’t help but be a little sad when it’s over!

The events on Monday and Tuesday were followed by another day full of  informative sessions from members of the ANCILE team and by representatives from Blackrock, IBM, Abbvie, Johnson Controls and Walmart.   Our customer presentations are always so popular and well received by everyone.  It’s so great for everyone to hear how you are using ANCILE’s tools in the real world every day.

On Thursday we held hands-on workshops on uPeform’s little known features, using the new 5.20 interface, template configuration options, creating courses, and ANCILE uAlign.

Overall, the event was a HUGE success!

Thanks to Julie Brown for doing a great job organizing this event in such a cool city, and on behalf of everyone at ANCILE, thanks to all of you who attended APUG 2014!!

(Most of the) ANCILE Team at North America APUG 2014