Building Communities with ANCILE

By Vanessa Smith

The ANCILE products community is growing with more people subscribing daily to the  ANCILE Intelligence Hub Community. Our Community forums provide additional opportunities for self-help, learning, and professional collaboration. With over 4,400 customers globally using ANCILE products that is a vast pool of experience and knowledge to draw from.

Do you have a question you would like to ask the ANCILE user community?  Log into the ANCILE Intelligence Hub (or request an account if you don’t have one yet!) and click the Ask the Community button on the home page.  From there you can browse to a topic (for example, ANCILE uPerform), and then click the Post a Question or Idea button.

You can also subscribe to a topic and receive email notifications every time a new question is posted.  To do this, browse to a topic  and click the Follow button.

The Community forums are moderated by ANCILE staff, but they largely consist of the user group community engaging with one another to ask questions and provide answers. It is a great way to share knowledge and ideas and build connections with other individuals and companies who are also using ANCILE products for training and productivity.

Another bonus: questions and answers posted in the Community forums are searchable on the Intelligence Hub!

Reach out and get connected to your ANCILE User Community today!