LOVING the New Look of uPerform 5.2 Client Interface!


Hear, Hear – Drop down menus are a thing of the past! Having spent some time testing the new interface, we have to say that we are really impressed with the new layout. The improved uPerform Editor is clean and fresh, which makes the task of editing content much more straightforward and delightful. Older versions provided the option of using either drop down menus or icons to drive editing from the toolbar; this new and improved layout provides a simple and effective navigation with clear options to choose from, even using less mouse clicks to achieve your tasks. As a bonus, the work space feels that much bigger too!

All the features we have come to expect are here, with some great additions! Perhaps the most impressive point is that the functions are available right in the toolbar at the top of the Editor window. Four tabs now provide ALL the editing functionality, which gives greater visibility and control to the editor.

We reminisce back to 2006 when uPerform was first released… And, as with many of you, we have enjoyed watching the software develop into the solid product it is today. The new 5.2 release further proves that uPerform just keeps getting better and better!

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Off to do some more editing… Enjoy 5.2!