ANCILE uPeform 4.5 Maintenance End Date Approaching

As ANCILE uPerform 4.5 was released 2 years ago, it is coming to the end of its product lifecycle on July 31,  2014. While the software will not stop working on this date, and you will remain legally licensed to continue using it, we will no longer be creating any new 4.5x patches, so you will be required to upgrade to a later version if you encounter an issue that requires a programmatic fix.  Similarly, once the version is out of maintenance, ANCILE will no longer support keeping it current with new releases of Microsoft  Windows, Microsoft Office, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, or PeopleSoft.

ANCILE uPerform version 5.12 is the latest uPerform release, with 5.2 expected to be generally available before the end of Q3 2014.  If you are on a pre 5x release of ANCILE uPerform or ANCILE uPerform Express, now is the perfect time to plan for your next upgrade.

It is a best practice to plan for an upgrade every two years to take advantage of new features, fixes and enhancements, and to keep pace with advances in browsers, operating systems and so on.

For more information regarding the ANCILE uPerform product lifecycle, later uPerform versions and upgrading please refer to our product lifecycle document and the Online Guide to Upgrading Your uPerform Environment on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub.