Flaunt your Return on Investment with ANCILE uPerform

Obtaining and maintaining investments on an electronic performance support system like ANCILE uPerform can be challenging. It’s all about Return on Investment (ROI) and the financial numbers.

In your ROI analysis of the ANCILE uPerform Implementation for your organisation consider the monetary value of the:

  • Reduced time to create new learning and support documents for employees
  • Reduced time to create eLearning for other corporate systems
  • Reduced number of help desk calls/tickets from employees
  • Reduced cost of classroom training at implementation
  • Reduced time away from job for classroom training
  • Reduced time searching for information
  • Reduced time to proficiency/competency

The ANCILE uPerform server application is able to provide reporting and a dashboard analysis of who is accessing and using what performance support assets which also aids calculation of ROI. For more information, please also review the sections titled “Using The Server Dashboard”  and “Working with Reports” in our Managing Content with ANCILE uPerform 5.x manuals available on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub (log in required).

We also encourage you to review our ANCILE uPerform ROI Whitepaper which includes a business case for supporting your enterprise system implementation with the ANCILE uPerform learning and performance solution.

The ANCILE Solutions team are always happy to assist customers with building ROI cases for their management team. If you’d like advice in this area, please email info@ancile.com

ANCILE would like to hear more of our customer’s real world examples of cost savings and efficiencies that they have achieved through implementing ANCILE uPerform and we encourage you to leave a comment on this Larry Blog with any examples you are able to share with the ANCILE Product User Community.