Get Ready for the 2014 EMEA APUG Events!

By Greg Smith

Since we had such a great time last year at the APUGs in South Africa, Germany, Washington D.C., Sydney, Singapore, London and Brazil engaging with customers and allowing participants to learn about the functionality and new features within our ANCILE Products and we are in the process of planning APUGs here in EMEA for some time between mid-September mid-October.  For those of you who attended previous APUGs, you can appreciate the value of the learning experience and collaboration among attendees with each other and members of the ANCILE Team. If you have not yet attended, have a look a the links below to see how well the events in EMEA went in 2013:

Munich: APUG Munich Also a Great Success!

London: APUG London – A Great Change to Engage and Connect!

We would really like to see you at one of the events this year and if you are interested in attending, we would like to ask if you can take five minutes out of your busy schedule to fill out the following survey:

We are always interested in hearing about your experiences in using our products in your projects and day-to-day activities and hope you would be willing to present at the APUG. If so, please indicate this in the survey and we will contact you shortly thereafter to work with you to provide you with the framework for putting this presentation together.

If you have any questions about APUG planning, please feel free to contact Greg Smith at Greg.Smith AT ancileDOTcom.