Escalation Management – A Key Part of ANCILE's Customer Success

Ed. note – The word is out… we are now Customer Success Scrum Teams (CSST)!  In conjunction, we have set up a Center of Excellence, part of which is the Escalation Management (EM) function. Curious? Read on…

By Nadeem Khan

Our ultimate priority is to deliver top-notch customer support, therefore we see significant value in having an EM function as part of our core. Our EM team works closely with our CSST to mitigate and manage all escalations.

The role of EM in the CSST process is to manage prioritized support tickets; to ensure that we attain proper resource allocation and achieve customer satisfaction. Similar to an ER triage where the nurse will review symptoms, we analyze the issue, document findings, and prioritize items based on the technical analysis.  As within a hospital, some cases may be seen by a nurse or ER doctor, but the most serious cases are escalated to a specialized unit, i.e. Escalation Management. Our EM philosophy involves taking preventative measures, the foundation of which promotes keeping an open line of communication across all teams. We prefer to be proactive and work closely with our customers so that urgent, time-sensitive, or technically challenging issue are brought into our EM process early for immediate management and remediation. Our EM team liaises with all ANCILE departments and partners to ensure that work happens efficiently.

It is our hope that we never actually meet on this EM path! But rest assured that if we do, the ANCILE CSST teams are well equipped to ensure rapid remediation.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

Your loyal EM team.

Nadeem Khan is based in the UK and is part of the Customer Success  Escalation Management COE. Nadeem has been with ANCILE Solutions for 14 years and has held various positions within the company including responsibility in EMEA for Pre-Sales and Professional Services delivering on site services for our European customers and then using this knowledge to provide support in an Escalation Management role. Nadeem has built professional relationships with our customers and partners ensuring that they receive the best possible support for their ANCILE products. When not working, Nadeem enjoys playing golf, watching motorsports and soccer.