Meet ANCILE's The Collaborators!

Ed. note – As mentioned in Dave’s recent postour Global Support Team has recently reorganized into Customer Success Scrum Teams.  Over the past few weeks, we have introduced each of the teams.  In our final installment, we are proud to introduce The Collaborators!

Tony Huntley has been with ANCILE since 2005.  He enjoys fishing, golf, home improvement projects, and spending time with his family.

Jay Muller joined ANCILE in May 2015. He spent 6 years serving in the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst and then spent time teaching intelligence techniques and tactics as a civilian instructor. He was born and raised in Baltimore County, MD, and is currently obtaining a degree in Computer Information Systems. In his free time, Jay greatly enjoys learning and trying new things, to increase his understanding and knowledge about the world and himself. He also enjoys watching a variety of sports  including baseball, basketball, NASCAR, and soccer, though he generally consider myself a casual fan, with the exception of college basketball (GO HEELS!).

Corey Byrd joined ANCILE in March 2012. His hobbies consist of family outings, sports, music and great food.  His technical interests here at ANCILE include uPerform client, uPerform server issues, and finally the satisfaction of our customer’s experience.

Tanya Clark earned her undergraduate degrees in the areas of Sociology and Biology and years later, earned a Master’s degree in the area of Information Systems.  Prior to joining ANCILE, Tanya worked in the areas of customer service/tech support for a total of 5 years. She’s been with ANCILE since 2006, starting initially as a Contractor with Tek Systems as Tier 1 support. After 1 ½ years, she moved to Tier 2 support, then Team Leader, then Scrum Master, and now Technical Advisor to The Collaborators.

Christina Eberly 
has been with ANCILE Solutions since 1999. She enjoys gardening and reading. However, since having children, those hobbies are enjoyed when time allows. Christina is from Greece and visits as often as she can. She is also fairly fluent in the Greek language!! She is currently the Scrum Master for The Collaborators.

Will SallardWill Sallard joined ANCILE in 2015. He enjoys spending time with his two sons, watching sports such as baseball, football, and basketball. playing video games, and building computers in his free time. He tries his best to keep up with the latest technologies by spending time on tech blogs and participating in online tech communities.