Quick Tip: Consider Your Customized Website Skin When Upgrading Your ANCILE uPerform Server

By Vanessa Smith

With ANCILE uPerform is it possible to customize the look and feel of your website skin to affect the appearance of your uPerform server end user website to more closely reflect your company’s corporate colors, alter images, navigation or add plug ins like Google Analytics.

New versions of uPerform often include new website functionality.  This means some of the code in the website skin files and sub folders might need to be updated in order to take advantage of this functionality and avoid errors.  After upgrading uPerform, if you just reapply the customized website skin from the previous version you may find that some uPerform functionality may not work which could be time consuming to troubleshoot. If swapping out your custom website skin for the default website skin for that version clears up a problem then the culprit was your customized website skin. In this case it may be necessary to repeat your website customizations in a copy of the default website skin of the newer version.

For more information, please also refer to the following ANCILE Intelligence Hub knowledge base article Guidelines for Upgrading Customized Website Skins*

*Requires log in to the ANCILE Intelligence Hub