Meet ANCILE's Oceans Seven!

Ed. note – As mentioned in Dave’s recent post, our Global Support Team has recently reorganized into Customer Success Scrum Teams.  Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing each of the teams.  In this second installment, we are proud to introduce  OceansSix!

Ocean One: Chianti Bailey Chianti joined ANCILE back on June 1st 2010. Her hobbies are: SHOPPING, movies, and more SHOPPING.  Make sure you wear comfortable shoes if you ever spend time with Chianti in the mall…  Chianti enjoys improving her knowledge and troubleshooting skills, as well as teamwork skills. Her interests at ANCILE include LDAP, database installations, and networking.

Ocean Two: Dominick Coles Dominick has been with ANCILE Solutions since 2010. He loves anything and everything involving football and I wouldn’t try to beat him in the 40 yard dash – his time is 4.32 seconds!!
Ocean Three: Michael Castillo Located in Texas.  He likes to be called Mike. He joined ANCILE back in May 2001. Hobbies include photography, computers & tech gadgets,  and action figures (and no they cannot also be called dolls – big difference). His technical interests at work include server side things (database, collaboration, network, LDAP, etc).
Ocean Four: William Hood You can call him Willie. He joined ANCILE back in June 1996. Willie’s hobbies include drawing (although he has not done that for a really long time),  and he wants to start writing. Look up Willie’s novel at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore soon 🙂  Willie’s desire for the OceansSeven Team is to improve team collaboration and first touch resolutions for our customers.
Ocean Five: Corina Muntean Located in Toronto, Canada, Corina joined ANCILE back in July 2006. She has two Afghan Hounds: Prowler and Red ( he is actually cream, breeder must have been color blind). Hobbies include: following edX courses, human behavior studies, running, reading {she does NOT like romance novels}, cooking/ trying out a whole variety of recipes, and watching documentaries.  Corina is interested in scripting and security, and in cloud computing technology (IBM has a nice training course on fundamentals).
Ocean Six: Mary Kate Murray: Everyone just call her MK. She  joined ANCILE back in 1998. MK’s hobbies are: yoga, community building, cooking, and art.
Nick Vandenberge Ocean Seven: Nick Vandenberge: The newest member of the Oceans’ team, Nick loves lifting weights, learning about car repairs/upgrades, playing volleyball, and watching NFL football. Go Ravens!