ANCILE Global Support Goes Agile!

By Dave Baca

Everyone knows that ANCILE’s software solutions continue to be on the cutting edge of technology. But, did you know that our organization continues to reinvent itself through organizational transformations that are intended to improve our overall operational efficiency, scalability, and ability to resolve more of your submitted issues on the first touch? We’ve just undergone an organizational transformation to the Agile Scrum model.  In this model, we have gone through intensive Scrum Alliance training and certification that  has resulted in our teams being reorganized into Customer Success Scrum Teams.

Our Customer Success Scrum Teams have one goal – reduce the time it takes us to achieve resolution. The primary step to attaining this is to greatly reduce the amount of ‘bouncy-ball communication’ that you, our customer, needs to catch and toss back through the ticket cycle. With our new Scrum framework and Scrum Team interaction, we will improve the effectiveness of resolving your issues with the best first touch skill-set and inter-team collaboration, further reducing the need or frequency of subsequent escalation.

We believe that keeping a close eye on customer service industry trends, many of which were briefly discussed on the Larry Blog, will ultimately provide you, our customer, with the highest level of customer service. And at the end of the day, ANCILE’s goal of becoming the world’s preeminent learning and performance support solution provider will only be successful if we continue to improve our customer service to you, our valued customers.

Ed. note: Check back here over the coming weeks for introductions to each of the Customer Success Scrum Teams!