Real Time Help at Your Fingertips

By Dave Baca

As support portal technology solutions continue to improve, their ability to integrate knowledgebase searches with ticket submission forms continues to bolster the ability for our customers to find the answers to their questions without ever submitting an issue ticket to the ANCILE team. Currently, on average 7% to 8% of our support tickets are pre-empted by our ‘Suggested Article’ ticket functionality. The article offerings are derived from our robust knowledgebase, and get activated when you begin to enter your Ticket Subject. The system matches the words being entered in the Subject with Article context, and serves up the Suggested Articles in a convenient location directly below your ticket subject or error message. A stronger knowledgebase means that more Suggested Articles can be offered, and this increases the chance that we can serve up your solution without you even having to click the submit button! This functionality will continue to be at the forefront of all that the ANCILE Global Support team is focusing on improving in 2014.