How ANCILE Leverages Customer Service Industry Trends for You!

By Dave Baca

As technology continues to evolve, the customer service industry continues to see many dramatic changes that a few short years ago, were still on the conceptual drawing board. Capabilities such as social support, multi-channel support, community-based knowledge discussions, and movement towards agile support operations are coming into clear view for the customer service industry, in general, and very specifically for ANCILE’s Global Support team. Lest we lose sight of the importance of what these new service capabilities provide, the sole reason for implementing any of them is to improve our service level to our highly valued customers.

It’s no secret that ANCILE has been pursuing social support capability for several years, as evidenced by our recent LinkedIn forum reaching the 1,500 member milestone (thanks to all of our customers who actively participate and contribute to our LinkedIn forum!) ANCILE’s desire to drive new and different forms of social engagement will continue in 2014 as we implement our support portal upgrade….Larry will have much more to say in future blogs on this very important topic!

The ability to drive social support solutions is delivered through various multi-channel support solutions. These multi-channel solutions provide you, our customer, with a variety of communication technologies that are intended to improve our ability to resolve your questions and issues in a quicker, more enjoyable, and more efficient manner.

How do you like to reach out for help?