Breaking Language Barriers

By Jennifer Bennett

One of the ways that ANCILE uPerform enables collaboration between authors and end-users is through online discussions.  Authors and end-users can post and reply to messages, facilitating communication with users around the world.  While uPerform natively translates the website, messages will appear in the language in which they were written.

Online browser translation tools can be used to break the language barrier by automatically translating any web page or selected text  with a click of a button.  Several different translation extensions and plug-ins are available (many for free!).  One such tool, is ImTranslator Plugin for Internet Explorer.  This tool supports 43 languages and allows users to highlight text and quickly translate it by right-clicking their mouse.

Have you found multi-lingual communication to be a challenge in your organization? If so, we’d highly recommend checking out this tool and the many others available to find the best one for you and your end-users.