How The ANCILE Global Support Team Uses uAlign to Stay Aligned

By Chandra Mullineaux

We introduced ANCILE uAlign on this blog a little over a year ago, and since that time we’ve sent 82 uAlign messages to our Global Support Team using the cloud based corporate communications application.

We started out by actually using it to deliver our internal uAlign training to the team  in small bites.  We have moved on to use it as a replacement for the old fashioned mass email message, which often gets lost in an already cluttered inbox, to send critical updates to the team, request feedback on important topics, and verify comprehension by using short quizzes.  When we use uAlign to deliver these messages, we can track which team members read the message, which ones read the message by the scheduled due date, and which ones are comprehending the material.  We are also able to gather more feedback than we ever were via traditional email requests.

Specific examples include:

Important Process Changes

In this case we have been using uAlign to communicate the recent updates to our time sheet entry procedures.  Message authors in this example can view reports showing who read the message and when they read it.

Requests for Feedback and Input from Team Members

In this example we used the uAlign survey functionality to ask Team members to suggest topics for our monthly internal training sessions.  From this report we were able to recognize trends and determine the most important areas to focus our efforts.  It resulted in many great training sessions, and even more to come!

Verify Comprehension of Messages and Other Content

Sometimes you just want to make sure that people actually take the time to look at a resource rather than simply marking the message as read.  In this example we posted a link to a report outlining the latest content available in Panacea (our internal knowledge base) and on our customer facing Product Support Center.  We used the quiz functionality in uAlign to make sure our team members would take the time to access the report and familiarize themselves with the new content for future reference.

Do you think any of these use cases are relevant to your business?  Do you have any other scenarios in which uAlign could be helpful?  If you are already using uAlign, what type of message are you sending? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

For more information about ANCILE uAlign, visit the uAlign page on our website.