Larry's Favorite Things Day 2: ANCILE Products User Group Conferences!

Our APUG conferences (formerly IPUG/uPUG) are always some of my favorite things, as I am of course the center of attention at these events.  This year was particularly great since I was able to meet (and sniff) more of you than ever before; at conferences in Moscow, Singapore, Munich, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, Washington DC, London, and Sao Paulo.

In 2013 we heard presentations from customers around the world including the City of Burnaby, Dawn Food Products, The Australian Tax Office, CCR Companhia de Concessões Sao Paulo, and McGraw-Hill Education.  The ANCILE team delivered presentations including Extending Reporting with Crystal Reports, Using Tasks to Delegate Authoring, Text to Speech,  Setting Up Context-Sensitive Help for Non-ERP Applications and so much more.  Don’t get me started on all the fun we had at the Crime Museum in Washington DC and the fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour during the Australia event!  Much more fun than my typical evening of dog food and reality television.

If you missed out, or would like to relive these glorious memories, check out our APUG 2013 archive here on the blog.

I am looking forward to even bigger and better APUG events in 2014.  Hope to smell you next year!