It's Safe to Go Into the Water with uPerform and JAWS

By Kate Panaro

While reading the Technical Specifications for the last few versions of uPerform, you may have noticed that we started supporting JAWS for published end user content beginning with uPerform 4.40.  What is JAWS, you ask?  Well, thankfully in this case it’s not a terrifying killing machine lurking in the waters of a quaint island resort town.

JAWS (Job Access with Speech) is a computer screen reader program that enables visually impaired users to read the screen. This program was originally released by Ted Henter in 1989. Today the program is owned and revised by Freedom Scientific, the Blind and Low Vision Group.  A new version is released once a year.  uPerform 5.x supports JAWS version 12 – 14.

JAWS is available to purchase in either a Standard or Professional version. Standard is compatible with home Windows operating systems. The Professional version works with all Windows operating systems.

The JAWS program will read information aloud that is entered on the keyboard or displayed on the monitor screen.  Users have the option for text-to-speech or refreshable braille display output. It even has an interactive talking installation so the user can independently install without sighted assistance.

Since this program was developed by the visually impaired, it continues to be the most user friendly and remains compatible with other supportive software such as J-Say; software developed to help JAWS users who cannot use their hands. Other special features of JAWS include online and keyboard help, tutorials for beginners, immediate auto upgrade functionality and parallel keystroke commands across all applications.

You can see a demonstration of JAWS functionality on YouTube here.

Are any of your end users utilizing JAWS to read uPerform generated content?