Using the ANCILE uPerform Server Information Collector Tool

By Jennifer Bennett

When troubleshooting uPerform Server related issues, one of our Product Support team members may ask you to gather log and configuration files from your Application and Search servers by using the ANCILE uPerform Server Information Collector tool.  The tool copies application server logs, search server logs, IIS logs, configuration files and related environment information into a single zip file that can easily be uploaded to a support event for review.

Providing the files to our support team, enables the team to quickly review necessary log files and configuration information, expediting time to resolution.

We have put together a short Prezi discussing the uses of the Server Information Collector tool, the files collected by the tool, how to use the tool to gather necessary log files and what to do should you experience any issues running it. For the best viewing experience, we recommend viewing the Prezi in Fullscreen, which can be enabled by clicking on the Fullscreen icon in the bottom right of the Prezi player after clicking the Start button below.

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