Text to Speech in uPerform

By Chandra Mullineaux

Text to speech is one of the many new features  included in uPerform 5.  This feature will automatically convert written simulation and course text into audio files, based on the configurations you choose in your template and simulation or course.  We have included everything you need to know about this functionality on the ANCILE Product Support Center in the article Using Text to Speech (TTS) Functionality in uPerform (log in required).

If you think text to speech is only a benefit to users with visual impairments, think again! Text to speech can aid in:

  • learning to read a native or foreign language
  • allowing multi-tasking so that attention can be given to reading materials when time would otherwise not permit (such as during washing dishes, waiting in line, commuting, walking)
  • allowing multiple reviews of reading materials without adding to eyestrain
  • extending one’s reading capacity when the body is too tired to visually read (even if the eyes are too tired to read, one is still capable of listening strategically)

(Lethbridge College Learning Connections – Multiple Benefits of Text to Speech

Have you tried the text to speech functionality in uPerform yet?  How do you think it might benefit your learners?