Benefits of Implementing User Management in ANCILE uPerform

By Karen Jones
Larry wants to know, can you answer these or similar questions about your latest project?

  • What content was viewed by whom in the two weeks following your North America training?
  • And conversely, what content is not being viewed by individuals in the Finance Department?
  • What specific content has user John Doe in Purchasing viewed?

If you have implemented the User Management functionality within uPerform v 5.0x, you can answer these questions and more!

When you import your users from a user information source (such as Microsoft Active Directory or a well-formed XML file) you can run reports to track your user activity;  additionally you can easily control and maintain access, and filter content to specific user groups. Further, your security experts will rest assured, as security procedures are automatically managed and maintained.

For more information about the benefits gained by and resources required to implement named user functionality, please review our latest white paper Benefits of Implementing User Management in ANCILE uPerform™,  or contact ANCILE Product Support.

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