Larry Asks Attendees About APUG in D.C.!

Today Larry got a chance to speak with some of the attendees at our North American APUG event in Washington D.C.  These are their stories…


Andrew from Yeshiva University

As a first time attendee, APUG has completely exceeded Andrew’s expectations.  He is especially impressed with the abundant information on uPerform 5.  He has enjoyed hearing about industries outside of his and how they have coped with a similar challenges while looking at things from a different vantage point.


Gloria from University of Cincinnati

This is Gloria’s third time attending an APUG conference.  She has enjoyed hearing  different perspectives on how fellow customers use the solution. She takes advantage of the opportunity to network with people and diminish “faceless connections.” Even though she is in the education industry, she has learned a lot from the other business types.


Cheryl from EMC Corporation

This is Cheryl’s first APUG. When asked her impressions of the conference so far she noted that the customer and ANCILE presentations have been very informative. She has already made connections with customers using uPerform in a similar way and she is excited to connect with them during and after the conference. She noted how she was excited to see how much everyone loves the solution and their passion for their end user performance activities. Cheryl also posted to her friends that she was “getting her geek on.”


Jason from Animal Health International

Jason, a first time APUG attendee, noted he is used to conferences with  2-4 sessions total.  With APUG he is learning the level of depth within our sessions and training. He enjoyed the 20×20 presentations on day 1 – “It was a great way to keep our attention.”  He looks forward to the breakout sessions.


Joan from Delta Airlines

As a six time attendee, Joan told me she finds comfort at APUG with confirmation she is using the solution correctly. She has noticed it’s a “core group” of people at APUG and thoroughly enjoys networking with fellow attendees. With regard to ANCILE, she also added, “I can’t say enough about support!”

Larry is having a great time in D.C. with all of the attendees. He hopes to see you at APUG next year!