How Do You Reward Team Members in Your Organization?

By Paula Croft Global HR Manager

ANCILE has recently launched a recognition and service award program.  This program allows ANCILE team members to nominate and recognize peers and colleagues for their contributions.  The winners selected from among the nominees are then awarded monetarily.  Managers can also provide ‘spot awards’ to team members going ‘above and beyond’ their normal roles.

The overall goal of the recognition program is to provide a way for peers to recognize fellow team members through two quarterly programs:

  • People’s Choice Award – This award goes to team members who embody ANCILE’s mission and values in an outstanding way, and/or to team members who go ‘above and beyond’ in their role or with a customer or partner to be successful.
  • Innovation Award– This is a peer recognition award to team members who embody our Innovation Value which involves:
    • Creatively exploring and building new ideas, products and processes
    • Never being satisfied with the status quo
    • Including the voice of customers, partners, and team members in their work

Recent winners of these awards have been recognized for  implementing new training plans, designing a new product ID generator tool, consistently providing thorough and precise communications to customers through support issues, planning a fun filled offsite summer picnic at a great location, quickly wiring new office space under a tight deadline, and expertly guiding the entire company through the implementation of a new development method for our products.

How do you reward team members in your organization for going ‘above and beyond?’