Anyone Can Author Content with uPerform 5!

By Chandra Mullineaux

One of the big new features in uPerform 5 is Crowd Sourced Authoring.  That is – anyone with an email address can create and upload a uPerform recording or upload a new Managed Document to the uPerform website.   This has all been made possible with the new Task functionality and the uPerform Rapid Recorder.  Rapid Recorder is a small application that can be downloaded and installed by anyone with an email address.  No license or server log in required!

This means you can have a subject matter expert, who might not have any experience with uPerform, quickly record and upload a new document for you.  They don’t even need to attend a uPerform Author training class since our new on-screen help bubbles will explain each button in the Rapid Recorder toolbar and get them started quickly.

For more information on Crowd Sourced Authoring, Rapid Recorder, and Tasks, refer to the following items in our Knowledgebase (log in required):

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