Meet Mal Poulin – ANCILE's Director of Product Strategy

Today we are presenting an interview with Mal Poulin,   ANCILE’s Director of Product Strategy.  Read on to learn more about Mal and the role he plays in our organization.

Larry Blog Committee:  Hi Mal, the Larry Blog Committee would like to ask you a few questions and get to know what you do a little better. Can we start by asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Mal Poulin: I have been an employee of ANCILE for only seven months, however, having been part of RWD since 2006, I have been part of the extended family since then.  I live in Silver Spring, Maryland.  My wife and I actually tend to gravitate to DC more than Baltimore and parts of Maryland.  I like to consider myself an avid runner but these days, I am not as avid I would like.  My wife, Rosalind, and I have lived on the same street in two houses for the last 33 years.  We raised three great children who are now adults with mates and beginning to have children of their own.  My first grandchild is named Guy and lives just a few minutes away for purposes or care and spoiling.

Larry Blog Committee:  What does a Director of Product Strategy do?

Mal Poulin: I focus on product and portfolio strategy, which encompasses internal and external communications about the market and the value of our solutions (present and future) to the prospects in our market.  Having been in business development for SAP Education for 9 years prior to joining RWD, I enjoyed the partnership formed with RWD and the business that resulted.  I also have the pleasure of representing  ANCILE in the market with analysts, at conferences, and in print.

Larry Blog Committee:  Prior to joining ANCILE, you were a key member of the RWD business development team. Could you tell us a little bit more about what you did in that role and how that prepared you for your new role of Director, Product Strategy?

Mal Poulin: In that role, I addressed similar business needs but on a narrower basis.  The focus was on our main channel, SAP, but evolved to include other markets defined by other partnerships and business needs.  Even then, diversification of our market channels was important.  Many of the services portfolio strategies embodied at RWD were still enabled by technologies like those offered by ANCILE.

Larry Blog Committee:  You are involved with several key influencers in our market. What are they and how do they benefit your current role and the company?

Mal Poulin: Those influencers include analysts, associations, and research organizations.  We all benefit from the relationships.  They contribute advice, perspective, data, research conclusions, and networking.  This guides our development and strategy within their market areas.  Our contribution includes innovation and solution awareness for them to offer their clients and include in their research.  I also have the pleasure of developing and maintain customer relationships by providing advice and partnership used in the development and execution of their strategies.  Those strategies typically focus on their workforce learning, performance, and sustainment.

Larry Blog Committee:  Tell us about the article you wrote, In Learning, Size Matters, which was in the latest edition of Chief Learning Officer magazine. What inspired you to write this article?

Mal Poulin:  Following trends in the market, I heard the roar loud and clear.  Enough is enough.  In other words, consumable learning is vital and comes in all sizes and formats.  I had the good fortune of participating in panels with CLO Magazine for the past two years supporting discussions about learning strategies and trends.  The concept of rapid development of content to be used to learn and support performance was unanimous.  The ability to consume in small increments as needed, when needed, where needed, and in ‘proper’ format was vital.  The concepts from our colleagues guided me through the writing process along with validating research from IDC and Constellation Research.

Larry Blog Committee:   What is your favorite thing about working at ANCILE Solutions?

Mal Poulin: Three things: the people, the challenges, and the contributions.  I get to work with the people in every group in the company and face today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  The good news is that even in my short tenure in ANCILE, I feel like I have made some contribution.