ANCILE uPerform 5 Is Available for Download to Select Customers!

ANCILE has completed the development and testing of ANCILE uPerform 5.  This major release includes significant enhancements in the areas of project management, crowd-sourced authoring, and dashboard reporting. We’re excited to introduce our latest release – we think you’ll find a significant leap forward in value to your organization.

ANCILE uPerform 5 has been released to both our partners and our direct-licensed customers. We’d like to take this opportunity to provide you some details on the fulfillment process for this release.

ANCILE partners with several organizations to resell our software to you, our customer. These partners include:

  • SAP, who resell ANCILE uPerform and ANCILE uPerform Express as SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer, respectively.
  • HP, who resell ANCILE uPerform Express as the HP Adoption Readiness Tool (HP ART).
  • BMC, who resell ANCILE uPerform Express as the BMC Education Solution Accelerator (BMC ESA).

In addition, ANCILE licenses our software directly to organizations.

ANCILE uPerform 5 is now available to our partners and to those customers who’ve licensed directly with ANCILE. What does this mean for you?

If you license uPerform directly from ANCILE, your organization’s key user(s) should be receiving an email from our fulfillment team within the next few days containing your product key.  You can now download the software and supporting documentation from the Downloads section of the Product Support Center.  You can also access the Online Guide to uPerform 5 or Online Guide to uPerform Express for more information about this release.  These Online Guides will continue to grow on a daily basis so make sure to check back as more information becomes available.

Note: The above downloads and content are only available to customers licensed directly by ANCILE and require a log in to the Product Support Center.

If you license ANCILE software through a partner, you will receive the software and fulfillment information upon partner release. Our partners set the release date for their branded version of ANCILE uPerform. In some cases, partners elect to perform further testing and/or branding prior to releasing software to their customers. For example, SAP partner software typically goes through the SAP Premium Qualification process prior to release. This process typically takes between 8-10 weeks.

So, your receipt of ANCILE software from your licensing organization may lag behind the date at which ANCILE releases the software to our partners and to our direct-licensed customers.

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions for more information.

How can I find out whether my organization licensed through a partner or with ANCILE directly?

If you are unsure of your organization’s licensing arrangement, please submit a ticket to ANCILE support and we can help verify how your organization is licensed.

I licensed ANCILE uPerform through SAP. When can I expect to receive the software?

ANCILE uPerform will go through the SAP Premium Qualification process prior to release. This process typically takes between 8-10 weeks.  SAP customers receiving direct support from ANCILE will receive license key and download information from ANCILE Product Fulfillment.  SAP customers who use SAP’s Service Marketplace can subscribe to this knowledge base article to receive notice when the product is available on SAP’s Service Marketplace.