Modifying uPerform Email Notifications

By Jennifer Bennett

Many of our customers don’t realize that the email alerts sent out by the uPerform system to your users can be modified to fit your organization’s needs and desires. Not only can you change the message itself but you can also change the subject of the email.  It’s really quite simple.  To modify the standard email alerts, here’s what you need to do:

1. Login to the uPerform website with a system administrator account.

2. Navigate to Administration->End User Website Configuration->Translations.

3. Select Alerts via E-mail Messages in the Current Page drop-down list.

4. Select the language you want to modify the emails for in the Current Language drop-down list.  If you are supporting multiple languages on your uPerform website, you will want to repeat the steps for all languages you support.

5. Click Display to reveal a list of available phrases (in this case emails or subjects) that can be modified as desired as shown in the image below.

Once you have located the appropriate phrase,  we’d recommend clicking inside the field, selecting all the text, and then copying and pasting it into a text editor to make it easier to view and modify.  You can then make the modifications as desired, copy and paste it back into the editable field, and scroll down to the bottom of the window where you need to click the Save button.

Any text that is in between percentage marks, for example %Title%, is a variable that will be populated by the uPerform system. ANCILE recommends that you do not remove or modify these variables, but rather just change the text around them.

Should you decide that you want to revert to the default text of the email or email subject line, simply locate the appropriate phrase, click the Default button located next to the field, and then click Save at the bottom.

Pretty simple, don’t you think?