Meet ANCILE's Knowledge Guru!

Matthijs van Leeuwen

Today we are presenting an interview with Matthijs van Leeuwen,  the ANCILE Global Support Team’s own Knowledge Guru.  Read on to learn more about Matthijs and what makes him a guru!

Larry Blog Committee:  Hi Matthijs, the Larry Blog Committee would like to ask you a few questions and get to know what you do a little better. Can we start by asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Matthijs van Leeuwen:   I currently live in the Netherlands about 1hr North East of Amsterdam. I joined the company in 2005 as a product trainer and pre-sales consultant, after working for a different American company as an Application Support Specialist.

Matthijs is also the official ANCILE DJ

Larry Blog Committee: What does a Knowledge Guru do, anyway?

Matthijs van Leeuwen: Anything and everything knowledge related. Training colleagues, presenting new and current features and functionality to our customers and analyzing business requirements to devise technical solutions.

Larry Blog Committee: What did you do for ANCILE before becoming the Knowledge Guru and how did that prepare you for your new role?

Matthijs van Leeuwen:  After 3 years in the product trainer and pre-sales consultant role, I moved from the Professional Services department to Product Support. I started as Senior Product Specialist and Team Leader for the EMEA Product Support team. After being in this role for 1.5 years, I transitioned into the role of Knowledge Guru.

Working with customers from a training and pre-sales perspective, and later as a support team leader was a great preparation for the Knowledge Guru role. Both of my previous roles really helped to get an understanding of our products from different sides. As a trainer you tend to work with the latest releases and implement them across the world. As a Product Support Team Leader, you are involved with Support Tickets and the solutions for technical issues.

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Larry Blog Committee:  How do you decide when new training is necessary for the ANCILE team?

Matthijs van Leeuwen: Training is always required, it’s a never ending cycle due to new products, new versions of existing products and the hiring of new personnel.

Larry Blog Committee: What tools do you use to create training materials for the internal ANCILE team?

Matthijs van Leeuwen: I use uPerform for creating training material. If I need to document uPerform functionality, I tend to use Info Pak to make a recording and then convert it to a uPerform file. I use Evernote to write all the transcripts for the files and general project information. I use Adobe Photoshop and Paint.NET for changing/editing images. Finally, if I need to record audio, I will use either uPerform or Audacity.

Larry Blog Committee:   What is your favorite part of being the Global Support Team’s Knowledge Guru?

Matthijs van Leeuwen: I love the interaction with customers and colleagues, the opportunity to be at the front line of new products and new versions. Another thing I really enjoy is the opportunity to work with our customers directly regarding complex project, system and architecture requirements.