Introducing ANCILE uAlign

We are thrilled to announce the recent release of our latest product offering, ANCILE uAlign!  uAlign is a cloud based corporate communications solution through which organizations and employees can:

  • Create and consume messages with text, links, audio, video, images, attachments, read receipts, and knowledge checks
  • Automatically prioritize messages to employees based on due date
  • Create channels to broadcast messages to specific organizational groups or teams such as sales, new employees, finance, or plant locations
  • Create campaigns to automatically deliver a series of messages in a specific order with predetermined start and due dates,  allowing employees to work at their own pace
  • Analyze responses for receipt, comprehension, and response time
  • Generate reports by employee, message, channel, or campaign

For more information about ANCILE uAlign, visit the uAlign page on our website.

How do you think ANCILE uAlign could help meet your organization’s communication needs?