Is SaaS (Software as a Service) in Your Future?

By John Joseph

We have all heard the term “cloud computing” but what is it, and how can it improve your business? Simply put, cloud computing is the use of a network of remote servers linked to your business to provide data storage, processing, and access to applications without the need to install and maintain expensive in-house servers and support resources. A segment of cloud computing know as Software as a Service (SaaS) is a growing trend, providing secure, reliable, and affordable alternatives to the traditional client / server infrastructure. Web based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo are great examples of easy to use and widely accepted SaaS applications available to anyone with an internet connection on their PC, tablet, or smart phone. These SaaS email providers offer traditional email functions including address book storage and email filters within a secure, stable, easy to use interface, all without the need to install and maintain any software.

SaaS offers organizations a number of benefits over the traditional client / server model including:

  • Lower initial costs – SaaS eliminates the need for additional hardware and support staff.
  • Ease of adoption and use – SaaS applications are available from any computer at any time. Familiarity with using existing internet applications accelerates the learning curve for end-users.
  • Managed hardware and upgrades – SaaS providers have a vested interest in ensuring the application stays current with a minimum of service interruptions, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies, not maintaining the tools that help you get there.
  • Predictable expenses – SaaS solutions offer stable and predictable expenses, eliminating unforeseen hardware and software costs and reducing budget risks. Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment are easily understood.
  • Scalability – SaaS solutions allow your business to respond to increased market demands with a minimum of time required to deploy additional resources.

SaaS may not be the answer for every project implementation, but is increasingly becoming a viable, cost effective and efficient way to deliver easy to use software solutions end users. ANCILE Solutions will soon be offering SaaS based solutions designed to help you better communicate with your workforce, and increase your organizations productivity. We look forward to learning more about how you use SaaS solutions in your business.