Technical Specifications, Release Notes and Manuals: Oh My!

By Vanessa Smith

Larry the ANCILE pug  is in a spin and chasing his tail as he is researching the latest ANCILE uPerform 4.51 release and is not sure if he needs to be referring to the product’s Technical Specifications, Release Notes or Manuals!

There is a wealth of product information available, but where to start?

To stop him running around in circles, the ANCILE team put together this quick reference explaining the differences between these resources.

Technical Specifications: These detail the languages supported and tested configurations for your uPerform client and server version including the databases and operating environments supported, recommended minimum memory and speed requirements. Recording environments (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft etc) that have been tested against are also listed. You would refer to this document when upgrading or installing to ensure that the environment that you currently have or are planning for is listed on the technical specification. ANCILE recommends all customers meet the technical specifications noted to have a smooth and successful implementation.

Release Notes: Are issued with each new version or patch of the product and are client or server specific. They detail for that specific release the new features, bugs and known issues. They also provide some important installation, upgrade and configuration notes. You would refer to this document when planning an upgrade or installation to check for bugs that you may have reported that are now corrected, to review the new features that you may want to make use of, and to review the known issues to make sure there are not any “gotcha” items in there that will affect your implementation.

Manuals: Are available in .pdf format and cover in detail all the operations for administering, creating and managing content using ANCILE Products.  Manuals are released with each new version of the software.

All of the above documentation types are available in the Downloads section of the ANCILE Product Support Center.

Larry was also advised to search the Knowledgebase sections of the ANCILE Product Support Center for White Papers, which contain detailed solutions for a particular problem or environment, Online Guides, which consolidate all of the information on a particular topic in one place, and other materials such as FAQs, How-To articles, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Of course when in doubt, Larry can always contact the ANCILE Global Support Team with any questions!