Collaborate, Innovate, Act: Looking Forward to the 2012 ANCILE Summit

By Dave Baca

Have you ever worked with fellow colleagues for years on end, yet never had the opportunity to meet them in person to truly understand what amazing people they are? Imagine how wonderful it would be if you were given the opportunity to meet others within your company that you’ve only heard on the phone, traded countless emails with, participated on innumerable conference calls to hash out business problems….but never had the chance to grasp their hands and see the warmth of their smile in person.

In today’s geographically-dispersed workforce, this situation is way more common than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. How much business and productivity inefficiency results from not truly knowing who the other team member is on the other end of the phone? Stated otherwise, how much more business efficiency could you achieve as a business if this lingering question were answered once and for all?

At ANCILE Solutions, we tackled this problem head-on in our first full year of operations by organizing a company-wide Summit that took place in September 2011. The employee feedback and overall impression was so overwhelmingly positive that ANCILE’s CEO, Frank Lonergan, determined shortly after the 2011 ANCILE Summit concluded that we would do it again this year. As with most significant conferences that get repeated, our upcoming Company Summit will undergo significant maturation compared to our first Summit. The most significant improvement come to us through the incorporation of a Summit-long theme, “Collaborate, Innovate, Act”. The hope is that this Summit theme will resonate not only with our global employees (spread over 11 different countries), but will positively influence the way we create our next award-winning software learning solution, that it will greatly alter the way that we position current and future learning solutions, and that it will challenge us to look for new and innovative ways to provide an even higher level and quality of support to each of our treasured customers. A few upcoming Summit agenda highlights include:

  • Business Unit meet and greet sessions that will include great food and laughter to celebrate the incredible team-based accomplishments of this past year
  • Company-wide team building activities that includes a scavenger hunt using mobile smart phone technology and constructing various physical objects to further develop our innovation and creativity
  • Guest speaker who is a well-known thought leader will share his ideas on innovation
  • Summit Keynote to be delivered by a motivational speaker who will share his experiences in scaling the world’s highest mountain tops
  • ANCILE’s Got Talent followed by Casino Night (of course using a points based system vice actual currency :)) with multi-cultural food that will be fit for a king!

All in all, I know that I’m not alone in stating that I’m greatly looking forward to meeting the many new ANCILE team members that have joined our company since the last Summit, renewing long-term friendships with those team members whom I met for the very first time during last year’s Summit, and most importantly, learning from my fellow international colleagues so we can raise the roof on ANCILE. The bottom line is that ANCILE’s Summit will improve the way that our global workforce supports you, our valued customer in ways that are too wonderful to even begin to imagine.