Increase Performance with Microlearning

After our coffee break Todd was back with his presentation on Microlearning. 

This presentation covered different aspects of Microlearning like Mobile Learning and Cloud functionality. 

We asked our customers what type of issues they find with Microlearning:

Communication Problems
Time to consume

Communication Needs
Succinct Messaging
Mobile & Disperse Workforce
Knowledge Check
Response Analysis

The Solution
Quick Consumption
Deliver Everywhere

Microlearning Defined
Small chunks of information
Sequence of short-term activities
Push instead of Pull
Use of multi-media

He covered the concept and the issues faced when trying to use Microlearning within an organization. 

Then he focussed on ANCILE’s answer: uAlign.

Getting the right information (filtered, relevant, agnostic)
To the right people (targeted)
At the right time (prioritized)
Wherever (cloud, mobile)
Ensuring Comprehension (knowledge check)

Keep an eye out for more information about uAlign in the future.