ANCILE 4.51 Patch Available for Download

The ANCILE uPerform/uPerform Express 4.51 patch  was  released today.  The patches are applicable to ANCILE uPerform 4.50 Server, ANCILE uPerform Client 4.50 and ANCILE uPerform Express 4.50. For details on the fixes that are included in each patch, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes for each component.  Release Notes can be  found  in our Product Support Center in the Downloads section.  Just locate the component in the left hand navigation pane and click the arrow to expand.  Once the menu has been expanded, you will find the Technical Specifications and Release Notes which can be downloaded to your computer for easy review.

Remember, the patch version must match between the uPerform Server and the uPerform Client, which means if you install the patch for one component, the other component must be upgraded as well.  If you are interested in what qualifies as a patch, read our blog post on the differences between a release, patch, and trial solution.