Larry’s Bags are Packed!

Larry the Pug is worn out from his recent visit to Lake Tahoe California where he spent 3 days mixing with ANCILE customers and staff. While there, he marvelled at the adventures of Clorox International in Latin America who shared their story of how they delivered a localized SAP training program on an accelerated timeline and how Fluor Corporation use ANCILE uPerform to communicate continuous system changes and document a variety of enterprise applications. Larry likes nothing better than talking to people about how they are using ANCILE’s products to make it easier for them to work smarter.

Larry’s bags are packed now for Europe as this jet-setting Pug has a date in Mainz, Germany on October 1st and 2nd where he will be joining our European user group community for two more days of education and knowledge sharing. If you would like to join Larry in Mainz email today as the event is drawing very close. Larry’s third stop in his global ANCILE user group tour is in Sydney, Australia for the Asia Pacific event being held October 17-18. Register here if you’d like to catch up with Larry and the ANCILE team in Sydney.