Why Reinvent the Wheel?

By Matthijs van Leeuwen

One of the things I really love about ANCILE’s products is that they don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

During my days on the road implementing Info Pak and uPerform I don’t believe there was a single customer I worked for that did not have some form of legacy training materials. The beauty of ANCILE’s products is that they let you integrate materials that were developed outside of our products using common tools.

The Assimilated Documents within Info Pak and the Managed Documents within uPerform, allow you to integrate Microsoft Office and other files in your system.

Besides the possibility to integrate entire documents as stand alone files, you also have the ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint files into Info Pak Simulations and uPerform Courses.  I’m not suggesting you should just take all the PowerPoint training materials and import them into Info Pak or uPerform, but if they are relevant, up to date and accurate materials, why would you recreate them?

This month we will release a micro-demo on importing PowerPoint files into uPerform Courses. Keep an eye on the Larry Blog and the Product Support Center for more information.