IPUG/uPUG Day 3: Even More Customer Reflections

It’s the last day of IPUG/uPUG and I would like to say that our customers are a fantastic bunch! Everyone is having a great time and learning all sorts of valuable information.


Richard Zenarosa from ICBC said “I think I really liked the 20×20 presentations because they were fast, they were informative, and they were entertaining. I’m thinking of recommending it for our monthly meetings.”


Stephanie Blanchard from Sobeys, Inc. said “We were excited to learn about the new enhancements in 4.5 that will fulfill needs at our company as well as what is coming in 5.0. It will help with our short term and long term strategy with elearning.”


Heidi Beck from Joann Fabric and Craft stores said “One of the best things is networking with peers and finding out how they’re using the application and things I hadn’t considered.”


Jennifer Firestone from SRP said “I think every presentation is my new favorite!”


Signe Buckland from Nike said “I came to the conference not knowing what I didn’t know and I’m leaving knowing what I don’t know. Now I’m putting an action plan in place.”

I would like to sincerely thank all of the customers who have offered their feedback for the Larry blog. It was great chatting with you and we hope to see everyone again next year!