Does This Sound Like You?

By Vanessa Smith
  • You implemented uPerform some time ago to support a particular software rollout that has since gone live. After that time not much work has been done to maintain your documentation.
  • The original implementation team has moved on. You are now the default uPerform Administrator and you are unsure of where to go from here. You are aware it has some extensive functionality but you suspect only a portion of it was implemented originally in order to meet a tight go live time table.

What would Larry do in these situations?

Larry would get some tips from other customers who are using the tool really well. Larry would look for new ways to use uPerform within his organization in order to sustain the company’s investment. Larry would attend IPUG/uPUG!

At any of our upcoming IPUG/uPUG events you can learn about planning upgrades, technical maintenance, supporting multiple projects, maximizing uPerform’s capabilities, developing and deploying governance standards and much, much more! If you are looking for something to kick start your company’s understanding and enthusiasm for the product then we encourage you to register today. The regular registration rate deadlines are ending soon!

To view the final programs and find out more about each of the user group events click on the relevant link below:

North America: September 10-12, Lake Tahoe, CA

Register today! Late registration deadline ends August 31.

Asia-Pacific: October 17-18, Sydney, Australia

Register today! Regular registration deadline ends September 14.

Europe: October 1-2, Mainz, Germany

Register today! Regular registration deadline ends August 31.