ANCILYMPICS 2012: Final Round!

Alright Larry fans, today is the LAST DAY of regular registration for the North American IPUG/uPUG conference! We have a fantastic schedule of events planned, it is going to be our best event yet (and that’s pretty awesome because we’ve had some truly great conferences, thanks to you all)!

And with the final day of regular registration comes the final round of the ANCILYMPICS! This is your last chance to win some ANCILE gear! And it only seems appropriate that the judges will be awarding not one, but THREE winners today! That’s right, THREE winners… A GOLD, a SILVER, and a BRONZE! Here we go…

Question: So far there are nine different ANCILE customers presenting at IPUG/uPUG conferences around the globe.  Name one of them in the comments below and WIN!

Here’s a hint…  Our final programs are located on the regional registration pages. Select a region, then view the program to see the customer(s) that will be presenting to that region! Tricky Watch Out…. so far we only have customer presenters in 2 of our 3 regions, so one program will not help you win this contest!

GOOD LUCK, LARRY FANS! And don’t forget to register for the North American event today. We can’t wait to see you in South Lake Tahoe!