ANCILE's Commitment to Security

By Chuck Rearick, Director – Product Development, and Todd Edwards, Product Manager

Bruce Schneier, cryptographer, computer security specialist and author, noted that “ Security is not a product but a process.” Like most processes, security is an on-going and dynamic activity.

ANCILE constantly assesses security of both the client and server portions of ANCILE uPerform to ensure the product is up-to-date with the latest security best practices and the guidelines of our reseller partners. New security-related features and enhancements are included in the product to both mitigate external threat and to provide control for our customers as they look to create, approve, and disseminate content within their organization.

Security efforts can take many forms, including the external checks we implement via Veracode security scanning. Security enhancements can also help us adapt to our customers’ existing approaches, such as the addition of flexible authentication in the just-released uPerform 4.5. Often, changes regarding security are behind the scenes and transparent to the user because they don’t always impact or change functionality, but they do improve the product. While publicizing too many details can be counterproductive, ANCILE documents appropriate information in the security section of the release notes. Specific product changes regarding security can be found in the release notes for uPerform 4.4 and  4.5 .

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