What Does Susie Do? KPIs for YOU!

My name is Susie Estevez and I am ANCILE’s Support Analyst.  I currently work remotely from Miami, FL, which makes most of my colleagues rather jealous.  I live with my husband, 2 girls (ages 7 and 4), 2 parrots, and a dog. I guess you can say we have a full house! I’ve worked with ANCILE Solutions for 11 years and it’s been a great journey so far.

People often wonder, what does a Support Analyst do anyway?  The short answer is I’m responsible for reporting on all of ANCILE Solutions’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

What are KPIs? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be defined as measures that provide managers with the most important performance information to enable them or their stakeholders to understand the performance level of the organization. KPIs should clearly link to the strategic objectives of the organization and therefore help monitor the execution of the business strategy.

KPIs reflect ANCILE’s operational goals, and they are key to our success.  They help our management team understand how well our team is performing in relation to our company’s strategic goals and objectives.  They keep us on track and let us know where we need to improve to make sure we are providing you with high quality support.

Here are just a few of the KPIs I provide to our management team on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis:

  • Global Support Ticket Activity – This KPI helps us monitor the total number of tickets closed per region and make sure we are staffing our support team appropriately to provide the best possible service around the globe.
  • Average Time to Resolution per Support Level – This KPI helps us keep an eye on how quickly each tier of our support team is able to provide resolutions for you so that you can continue to utilize our products in the most efficient and productive manner possible.
  • Initial Response Time for Product Solutions – This KPI helps us make sure that our first line of support is not keeping you waiting after submitting a new issue.
  • ANCILE Product Activity – This KPI tracks the amount of support issue activity for each ANCILE product and product component.  This helps us focus our resources and training efforts to the areas that will be most effective for you.

KPIs are vital to maintaining and improving not only our company’s goals and objectives, but also our customer support. After all, we want to make sure we are always providing you with “5 STAR” customer service!