ANCILE Solutions – What’s in a Name?

The Ancile, in ancient Rome, was the legendary shield of the god Mars, said to have fallen from heaven.  The safety of Rome was believed to depend on the Ancile.

So why did we choose ANCILE Solutions as our name – couldn’t we have picked something easier to spell and pronounce?

Ancile represents the significance we place on our mission to deliver high quality solutions that meet our customers’ and partners’ most pressing business needs while protecting the investment in our solutions.  Our global support organization draws inspiration and direction from this mission by endeavoring to provide world-class service day in an day out.  Below are key statements about the culture we aspire to achieve.  While words on a page are nice, we do everything in our power to realize these statements through our interactions each day.

  • Our customers and partners are the focus of everything we do
  • Our team members are our greatest asset
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and are not satisfied with the status quo
  • We strive to create an engaging experience for our team members, our customers and our partners
  • We are committed to providing world-class service

As you can see, we take our mission seriously and as the Ancile offered protection to the Romans, the ANCILE Solutions Global Support team is here to help protect your investment.