Welcome to the Larry Blog!

We’re not going to lie – writing an inaugural blog post is an awkward endeavor.  There are a few things that must be covered:

  • Who are we?
  • Why did we start a blog?
  • What will the blog be about?
  • Who the heck is Larry anyway?

So without shame or further ado, we are going to mark these bullets off one by one.

Who are we?

We are the ANCILE Solutions Global Support Team.  If you are an ANCILE customer, you have probably heard from us.  Any time you submit a ticket on the Product Support Center website, we are the people responding on the other end.  We started as a one man operation in 1999, and have since grown to over 60 team members around the globe, who are dedicated to providing you with five star customer service.  We encourage you to log into the Product Support Center and click the Meet the Team link to learn more about the outstanding individuals who make up our team!

Why did we start a blog?

We want to have a new, less formal way to interact and share ideas with you, our customers.  We love our customers!

What will the blog be about?

We have a lot of neat ideas in store.  Content categories include:

  • ANCILEsphere – What’s going on at ANCILE
  • Headlines – Announcements about new support features and upcoming events
  • Industry Scoop – The world of performance support and eLearning
  • Product Bytes – Product feature descriptions and explanations
  • The Crew – Everything about the people at ANCILE
  • What would Larry do? – Tips and tricks

Who the heck is Larry anyway?

All of your burning questions about Larry can be answered here!

We are really looking forward to sharing this space with you, and hope you will find this blog to be informative and (at least a little bit) entertaining!